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Our Duck Pond rental is a favorite game for any Carnival Party, School Fun Fair or kid’s party. It features a large blue pond with a circulating pump that will move the ducks around the game to look like they are swimming and bobbing along waiting to be picked up by a lucky guest. If the player picks up a duck with a star on the bottom, they will be a winner.





Duck Pond




Carnival Games Package

Price: $1095.00
What's included: Lobster Launch (qty : 1), Bean Bag Toss (qty : 1), Duck Pond (qty : 1), Cat Rack (qty : 1), Milk Can Toss (qty : 1), 10' X 10' Pop-Up Carnival Tent (qty : 4), Tip-A-Troll (qty : 1), Slap Stick (qty : 1), Skee Roll (qty : 1), Pepsi Toss (qty : 1), Mini Basketball Goal (qty : 1), Cue Ball (qty : 1), Crazy Hat (qty : 1), Ball Roll (qty : 1)
Description: Create your own midway with our carnival games and tents! These classic games are great for all ages and have long been a proven crowd favorite at all kinds of events, from large street festivals to small school fun days. Package Includes: 4 Carnival Tents 4 Premium Carnival Games 8 Basic Carnival Games Duck Pond