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Our Cat Rack is our most popular carnival game, and a must for any Fun Fair or carnival event! Players take aim at the four rows of colorful vintage cats or “punks,” trying to knock over as many as possible. Volunteers will love the re-set bar that easily puts the cats back in place for the next player. This game creates a great visual centerpiece for your event.





Cat Rack




Carnival Games Package

Price: $1095.00
What's included: Lobster Launch (qty : 1), Bean Bag Toss (qty : 1), Duck Pond (qty : 1), Cat Rack (qty : 1), Milk Can Toss (qty : 1), 10' X 10' Pop-Up Carnival Tent (qty : 4), Tip-A-Troll (qty : 1), Slap Stick (qty : 1), Skee Roll (qty : 1), Pepsi Toss (qty : 1), Mini Basketball Goal (qty : 1), Cue Ball (qty : 1), Crazy Hat (qty : 1), Ball Roll (qty : 1)
Description: Create your own midway with our carnival games and tents! These classic games are great for all ages and have long been a proven crowd favorite at all kinds of events, from large street festivals to small school fun days. Package Includes: 4 Carnival Tents 4 Premium Carnival Games 8 Basic Carnival Games Duck Pond