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Make a big splash at your next party or event with our Dunk Tank! The clear window on the front of the tank allows guests to see your volunteer get soaked every time the ball hits the target! 

The key to having a great time with a dunk tank rental is carefully choosing your volunteers, or should I say victims! They must be ready and willing to get completely soaked and be focused on entertaining the guests!




500 Gallon Tank - Dunk tank is delivered without water.

Dunk Tank




Ultimate Teen Package

Price: $2465.00
What's included: Generator (qty : 3), Dunk Tank (qty : 1), Archery Challenge (qty : 1), Meltdown (qty : 1), Bungee Run (qty : 1), Joust (qty : 1), First Down Football Toss (qty : 1), Boxing Ring (qty : 1), 60' Obstacle Course (qty : 1), 22' Single Lane Slide (qty : 1)
Description: Get the most popular games for teens and older in this package! These items are guaranteed to entertain middle school, high school and college aged students for any activity held on school grounds! Get them interacting with one another through this exciting package directed at the older students. $1750.00 PACKAGE INCLUDES: Meltdown Dunk Tank 60' Obstacle Course 22' Single Lane Slide Joust Bungee Run Boxing Ring First Down Football Toss Archery Challenge 3 Generators 4 Staff Members