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Are you looking for a fun yet safe way to challenge your party guests to physical combat at your next event? Then you should try renting our Joust!

Two opponents enter the inflatable ring and climb onto a pedestal, each player holding a jousting pole. On the count of three, the players do their best to knock each other off the platform. First player to knock their opponent off the platform is the winner!

This inflatable rental is meant for ages 10 and up, making it ideal for middle school to high school graduation parties, bar mitzvahs, corporate event team building exercises or any sports themed event. This inflatable game is so much fun even the adults want to take turns!

This party rental can be used either indoors or outdoors.









Ultimate Inflatable Package

Price: $2740.00
What's included: Generator (qty : 3), Boxing Ring (qty : 1), Archery Challenge (qty : 1), Bungee Run (qty : 1), Joust (qty : 1), Hover Baseball (qty : 1), Sticky Velcro Wall (qty : 1), Tiki Island (qty : 1), 60' Obstacle Course (qty : 1), 24' Dual Lane Slide (qty : 1), Dalmation Bouncer (qty : 1), Castle Bouncer (qty : 1)
Description: This package is designed with large groups in mind and would work very well for county fairs, city festivals, school carnivals, church events or any other large function. When you are expecting 250+ people, this is perfect! This package includes entertainment for all ages- from toddlers to teens! We do all the work and you get all the credit. Comes with generators and staff! Package Includes: Tiki Island 24' Dual Lane Slide 60' Obstacle Course 2 Bouncers Boxing Ring Bungee Run Sticky Velcro Wall Joust Hover Baseball Archery Challenge Generators 4 Staff Members


Ultimate Teen Package

Price: $2465.00
What's included: Generator (qty : 3), Dunk Tank (qty : 1), Archery Challenge (qty : 1), Meltdown (qty : 1), Bungee Run (qty : 1), Joust (qty : 1), First Down Football Toss (qty : 1), Boxing Ring (qty : 1), 60' Obstacle Course (qty : 1), 22' Single Lane Slide (qty : 1)
Description: Get the most popular games for teens and older in this package! These items are guaranteed to entertain middle school, high school and college aged students for any activity held on school grounds! Get them interacting with one another through this exciting package directed at the older students. $1750.00 PACKAGE INCLUDES: Meltdown Dunk Tank 60' Obstacle Course 22' Single Lane Slide Joust Bungee Run Boxing Ring First Down Football Toss Archery Challenge 3 Generators 4 Staff Members


Battle Royale (Total Savings: $45.00)

Price: $725.00
What's included: Bungee Run (qty : 1), Joust (qty : 1), Bumper Balls (qty : 1), Boxing Ring (qty : 1)
Description: Do you have some rowdy kids or teens looking for a challenge? This package is perfect for those energetic and competitive kids that are ready to one up each other! $725.00 PACKAGE INCLUDES: Boxing Ring Joust Bumper Balls Bungee Run