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Why should adults have all the fun on Mechanical Bulls?! Introducing Angus McRodeo… The Mechanical Bull for Kids.

Angus McRodeo is the cutest baby bull you will ever see. He is specially designed for junior riders (6 years & below).

Angus is very safe and take cares of his riders. The extremely cute little bull is powered by a Low Profile electric motion base, which offers pitch and roll motion. His head is made from Sofolex, our soft safety foam head, so there is no chance of being hurt.

He plays in his inflatable corral, designed with a farmyard theme.

The Angus McRodeo (baby bull):

  • Low Profile motion base with pitch & roll motion
  • The electric control console with 10 speed manual joystick control
  • The 10’ x 10’ themed Angus McRodeo farmyard inflatable
  • 1 hp blower
  • The Angus McRodeo bull body with soft foam safety head





Angus McRodeo